MDKA today consists of five main assets, which are in order of importance, as follows:

Tujuh Bukit Copper/Gold Project (“TB Copper Project”)

1.8bt at 0.46% Cu containing 8.2Mt copper resource and at 0.50 g/t Au containing 28.6 million oz gold resource.

Wetar/ MorowaliAcid Iron Metal (“AIM Project”)

US$387m capex for 1.2Mtpa acid production. Average annual revenue over the first five years of the project is expected to be approximately US$280m. Compelling NPV of US$513m at 8% discount rate with an IRR of 29.5%. Construction started in Q3 2021 with target to commence production in Q2 2023.

Pani Gold Project

a). Pani (IUP) 89.5 mt at 0.82 g/t Au containing 2.37 million oz gold resource.

b). Pani (CoW) 72.74 mt at 0.98 g/t Au containing 2.30 million oz gold resource.

MDKA expects to commence drilling and other feasibility related activities in Q1 2022.

Tujuh Bukit Gold Production (“TB Gold mine”)

82.1mt at 0.44 g/t Au containing 1.1million oz gold resource. Gold reserves of 645 thousand oz to support future gold production.

Wetar Copper Production (“WetarCopper mine”)

11.7 mt at 1.3% Cu containing 153 thousand tonnes copper resource. Copper reserves of 127 thousand tonnes to support future copper production.