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Local Labor and Suppliers

Dina Mariana takes care of vegetables to sell to catering companies that are partners with BKP-BTR in Wetar Copper Mine, Wetar Island, Indonesia. [Photo: Dino Musida/BKP-BTR]
Merdeka understands the importance of job creation and business opportunities for local communities, especially those from areas around our mining operations. Prioritizing local workers and suppliers will improve the community’s economy and regional development growth.

Merdeka’s commitment to continue to increase local workforce recruitment is realized through various training, special scholarships, and skills for the working-age group to be prepared to enter the mining sector and its support. We also organize a capacity-building program for local businesses so that they can become part of our company’s supply chain. These various programs are gradually integrated with the internal policies of various work divisions in the Merdeka group.

As of 31 December 2021, the total workforce recruitment from Ring 1 (sub-district area) and Ring 2 (district and province area) in our two operations (Tujuh Bukit Gold Mine and Wetar Copper Mine), and one of our projects (Pani Gold Project), ranged from 66.0% to 71.2%, higher than 2020 (60%–70%) and 2019 (52.7%–68.9%).

Sustainability Report

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