Merdeka believes that we can further reduce our emissions by continually seeking innovative and viable solutions.

The emissions of all Merdeka mining companies in 2020 are lower than in 2019. Several technological approaches have been taken so that the emissions released do not exceed the emission-quality standards.

In 2020, the Tujuh Bukit mine lowered its emissions by reducing energy consumption, among others by initiating a generator energy efficiency program, by managing peak and lowest energy use, using solar panels in lighting in internal ports, and in surface water monitoring tools.

For the Wetar mine, emission management is carried out in collaboration with partners. In 2021, the Wetar Project plans to reduce carbon production through energy-saving, reduction, and utilization of solid waste.

We will monitor our emissions to ensure our compliance with regulations, as well as to ensure that there are opportunities for further improvement, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions towards reducing our carbon footprint or initiating carbon offsetting measures.