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Carbon Emission

Excavator is filling the off highway truck with ore from the pit. [Photo: Anggung Setiawan/BSI]
Merdeka is commited to significantly reduce our carbon emissions. We continously monitor our emissions for potential improvements and alternative measures to reduce carbon emissions.

Merdeka has declared to reducing emission intensity by 29% by 2030 and achieving the Net-Zero Emissions Target by 2050 for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. To that end, Merdeka holds various programs, including energy efficiency in power generation, energy savings, solid waste utilization, and adopting innovative and viable technologies.

In 2021, Merdeka has started to calculate the baseline data for Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions. The baseline data will be used to determine the level of achievement of the Net-Zero Emissions Target.

Merdeka has also started installing solar panels at the Wetar Copper Mine and carrying out land rehabilitation at the Tujuh Bukit Mine and the Wetar Copper Mine resulting in GHG reductions of around 207 tCO2(e) by 2021.

CO2(e) emissions at the Bukit Tujuh Emas Mine in 2021 were 75,417 tonnes of CO2(e), a 15% increase from 66,094 tonnes of CO2(e) in 2020. The increase was due to production disruptions resulting from the heap leach incident in September 2020; reparation was completed in February 2021). The emission intensity at the Tujuh Bukit Gold Mine has increased, from 0.42 tonnes/oz gold in 2020 to 0.60 tonnes/oz gold in 2021 due to lower ore quality.

Wetar Copper Mine’s total CO2(e) emissions increased by 30%, from 53,101 tonnes CO2(e) in 2020 to 69,331 tonnes CO2(e) in 2021. However, the Wetar Copper Mine reduce emission intensity by 63%—from 9.88 tons CO2(e)/ton copper in 2020 to 3.64 tons CO2(e)/ton copper in 2021—due to lower ore grades, and the results of some energy efficiency initiatives, such as more efficient operation of generator sets, the use of Solar B30, and a pilot solar panel project.

Sustainability Report

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