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Kartini Sandra Tilukay, one of the female employees graduated from the Mining Apprentice Program at the Wetar Copper Mine. [Photo: Dino Musida/BKP-BTR]
Every employee at Merdeka has equal opportunities in the recruitment process, competency development, performance evaluation, remuneration and career development regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, race, or social status.

All Merdeka employees are entitled to health services, health insurance, maternity leave, bonuses, in addition to all employee rights according to Indonesian regulations, with a focus on rights related to occupational safety and health risks, as an integral part of mining companies. Merdeka respects employees’ right to organize, to keep Merdeka objective in improving welfare and mutual achievement.

We believe that employees are our most valuable asset and have a strategic role in supporting business sustainability. The availability of professional and competent employees is necessary to support the implementation of good mining governance activities. Therefore, we are committed to continuously improve the management and development of our human resources, supported by an adequate information system.

Even though there is no discrimination based on gender in employee recruitment, the number of female employees at Merdeka is still low, as is the general condition in the Indonesia’s mining sector. We are committed to continuously increasing the representation of female employees at every level of management.


Total Merdeka employees as of 31 December 2021 reached 3,498 people, an increase of 28% from 2020. Employee turnover in 2021 was 7.89%, up from 4.70% in 2020. Approximately 70% of Merdeka employees are from the districts and provinces where we operate and 0.6% are foreign workers.

Representation of Female Employees

Of the total Merdeka employees as of 31 December 2021, a total of 306 people or 8.7% were women, or more than 193 women or 7.6% in 2020. As part of its commitment to increase the representation of women in top and middle management, Merdeka has appointed its first female Board of Directors in May 2021.

Following its success in 2020, Merdeka in 2021 again conduct the Green Operator Program, a program to recruit female workers to become heavy equipment operators at the Tujuh Bukit Mine and the Wetar Copper Mine.

Standard Operating Policies and Procedures

Merdeka has formulated a series of policies and standard operating procedures related to the management of Human Resources which focuses on the safety, comfort, welfare, and career development of employees.

Company Strategic Plan

Merdeka made a Five-Year Plan, which became the basis for the annual plan and Key Performance Indicators, for both divisions and individuals. The Five-Year Plan is a strategic guide to clarify the mapping of HR needs, from recruitment policies, employee training, determining the addition of contract workers and external consultants.

Employee Reward System

Merdeka changed the employee benefits system to be more attractive and structured to attract the best talent in the labor market and retain existing talent.

Labor Union

Merdeka employees who work in the two mining operations have joined unions in each operation. As of 31 December 2021, at the Tujuh Bukit Gold Mine there were 1,232 union members, while at the Wetar Copper Mine, Wetar Island, Southwest Maluku, there were 1,232 union members.

Merdeka employees working in project areas, such as the Pani Gold Project, the AIM Project, and the Tujuh Bukit Copper Project, have not yet joined a labor union. Meanwhile, PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk, as the holding company, has a Bipatriate Cooperation Institution.


During 2021, Merdeka will hold various kinds of training. Among them are related to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, certification of technical competence of work, and the operation of mobile equipment in mining operations.

In addition, Merdeka also conducts training on leadership, cultural sensitivity, language (English and Indonesian), and work management for various levels of employees. On a regular basis, Merdeka also holds training for newly joined employees through the Merdeka Young Talent Program recruitment program.

Sustainability Report

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