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Human Rights

An employee of BKP-BTR and a traditional leader who is doing traditional chanting on Wetar Island, Indonesia. [Photo: Dino Musida/BKP-BTR]
Merdeka respects human rights. We are fully committed to the principles of freedom, equality, and non-discrimination, and always strive to treat all individuals with respect and dignity.

We recognize that our business and operations may have an impact on human rights. Therefore, we are committed to preventing, mitigating, and managing the potential negative impacts on our business and operations. Before starting operations, we first conducted a social study, which include an analysis of potential human rights issues. The recommendations from the study is the process of building relationships with our stakeholders, referring to the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles, especially the principle of inclusivity to accommodate respect, protection, and fulfillment of fundamental freedoms in human rights.

Merdeka continues to strive to promote human rights and contribute to enhancing human dignity and social well-being, especially in the communities affected by our operations.

Through its Human Resources division, Merdeka has issued a number of policies and procedures related to human rights in 2021, namely:


  • Anti-Discrimination and Gender Equality Policy
  • Child Labor Protection Policy
  • Abolition of Forced Labor Policy
  • Freedom of Association and Organizational Protection Policy

Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P)

  • S.O.P: Submission of Worker Complaints
  • S.O.P: Industrial Relations Dispute Resolution
  • S.O.P: Handling Harassment and Bullying

We are currently finalizing the Human Rights Policy, Guidelines, and Code of Ethics in consultation with the National Human Rights Commission which will become the basis and performance guidelines related to human rights for companies and our partners.

Sustainability Report

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