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Rice harvest of the Sekar Arum group which is also supported by Bumi Suksesindo in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. [Photo: M. Afan Arisandi/BSI]
Merdeka endevours to build good relations with all of our stakeholders based on the principles of mutual trust and respect. Merdeka prioritizes dialogue through regular meetings with stakeholders to discuss and formulate joint solutions on economic, environmental and social issues related to our mining operations.

Merdeka refers to AA 1000: Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES) 2015 in the process of identifying, prioritizing, and developing relationships with all stakeholders. Active involvement that is inclusive, transparent on relevant issues, and responsive in offering innovative and sustainable breakthroughs, as emphasized in AA 1000: SES, becomes Merdeka’s reference in establishing long-term relationships with stakeholders, from shareholders, investors, employees, trade unions, suppliers, communities, government, academia, media, to civil society organizations.

Merdeka regularly updates stakeholder maps to ensure that no stakeholder aspirations are overlooked, as well as to facilitate the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Merdeka also respects the culture, traditions, and customs of the local community, and supports efforts to promote local culture and traditions which are an integral part of efforts to maintain the balance of life between humans and nature.

Merdeka realizes that good relations with our stakeholders are the main elements of business sustainability. We believe that effective stakeholder management will create value and assist the company in managing risk and communicating our business objectives.

The main topics or issues frequently raised by each stakeholder group and the stakeholder engagement channels in 2021 can be seen in the following two tables.

Sustainability Report

The photographic work of Sainuddin Arga (BSI) who became the Favorite Winner in the Earth Day photo competition.

Merdeka Employee Competitions

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