The harvested vegetables grown by the mothers, an important component of the daily menus of hundreds of employees, are sold to catering companies that partner with copper mining operations on Wetar Island.

Local Employment and Suppliers

Merdeka understands the importance of creating jobs and business opportunities for the local community as one of our effort to create benefit for our stakeholders. Therefore, Merdeka has implemented a policy that prioritizes local workers and suppliers, especially those from areas surrounding our mining operations. Prioritizing local labor and suppliers will improve the community’s economy and regional development growth.

The total labor recruitment from Ring I (sub-district area) and Ring II (Regency and Province area) at our operations sites was between 60–70 percent in 2020—higher than 57–66 percent in 2018 and 53–69 percent in 2019.

Merdeka is committed to continuously increase local employee recruitment by supporting the skills development especially those needed by the mining and its supporting sectors. Merdeka also implements a capacity-building program for local businesses to be able to qualify in the company’s supply chain.