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Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit acts as the Company’s strategic partner in providing independent and objective consulting services to work units in order to increase the added value of the Company and support the smooth day-to-day business operations by using a systematic approach through the evaluation process of the management system and internal control.

The Company has established an Internal Audit Unit based on the Circular Resolutions of the Board of Directors dated 30 January 2015, which has been ratified based on the Circular Resolutions of the Board of Commissioners on 30 January 2015. Currently, the Chairman of the Internal Audit Unit of the Company is Marco Sebastian.

The Company has an Internal Audit Charter determined by the Board of Directors based on the Circular Resolutions in Lieu of the Meeting of the Board of Directors on 14 October 2022. This charter is used as a working guideline for all internal auditors in carrying out their duties and responsibilities and being the basis for implementing internal audit activities within the Company.

Sustainability Report

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