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Vision, Mission, Values


The Global Leader in the Indonesian Mining and Metals Industry

  • To be the development partner of choice in the Indonesian mining and metals industry.
  • To be a leader in safety, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.
  • To generate superior value and investor returns through prudent investment and effective project development.
  • To be a leader in innovation and efficiency.


Merdeka grows and develops based on corporate values and culture, which is abbreviated as GReAtnESs. Growth can be achieved if we respect each other, work accountably and collaboratively to achieve excellence, and put safety and sustainability as our top priority.


  • We actively promote the growth of our people, organisation, and stakeholders.
  • We remain open-minded and constantly seek new ways to improve.

Expected behaviours:

  • We allocate available resources efficiently and effectively at all times.
  • We proactively seek new ways to enhance productivity.
  • We anticipate future needs and initiate action.
  • We develop and adopt new ideas to transform the way we work.
  • We continuously improve our work and business processes in pursuit of better-quality outcomes.
  • We are responsible towards our own self-learning, professional development and support the growth of our team members.


  • We respect each other, our stakeholders, and the environment.
  • We listen to our colleagues and consider the perspective of others.

Expected behaviours:

  • We value a team approach and work collaboratively with our team members to achieve work targets and objectives.
  • We interact with others in the same considerate manner that we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  • We provide and accept points of view in an open and respectful way.
  • We establish and maintain positive working relationships within our area of work and throughout the organization.
  • We are on time for meetings and actively participate.


  • We take accountability for outcomes and deliver on commitments.
  • We are proactive and solution focussed.

Expected behaviours:

  • We are consistent in what we say and do.
  • We clearly define assignments and responsibilities.
  • We prioritize common goals.
  • We focus on finding solutions rather than fixating on problems.
  • We complete all tasks comprehensively.
  • We take accountability for our words, actions, and work performance.


  • We create an inclusive work environment and value the contributions of others.
  • We understand the best outcomes are the product of a team approach.

Expected behaviours:

  • We place a higher priority on team and organization goals than our own.
  • We are ego-less when searching for the best ideas.
  • We encourage collaboration across departments and organizations.
  • We support each other and volunteer assistance.
  • We remain humble, mindful, and respectful of others in our thoughts, words, and actions.


  • We strive for continuous improvement and innovation.
  • We endeavour to exceed expectations.

Expected behaviours:

  • We set high standards of quality within our work team.
  • We work consistently to achieve our targets.
  • We ensure resources and funds are utilized efficiently and waste reduced.
  • We consistently work to achieve targets and objectives and minimize rework.
  • We offer appropriate suggestions and take the initiative when facing unexpected events.


  • We are committed to the safety of all employees and stakeholders.
  • Safety and risk management is integral to everything we do.

Expected behaviours:

  • We are responsible for our own safety and remind others when necessary.
  • We understand the risks, and plan to always work safely.
  • We follow standards and procedures, while always looking for ways to improve.
  • We pro-actively identify and escalate hazards or problems before they become incidents.
  • Our Leaders drive safe culture through demonstrating safe behaviours, providing clear instructions, and ensuring compliance to controls and procedures.


  • We strive to work in the most sustainable way possible.
  • We strive for the long-term prosperity of all stakeholders.

Expected behaviours:

  • We strive to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact of what we do through prudent consumption of electricity, fossil fuel, office supplies and chemicals, and effective and efficient methods of work.
  • We are responsible for, and actively involved in, the development of the communities that we operate in.
  • We recognize human rights and treat people with dignity and respect, and our employees share and promote our values and actively contribute to the prosperity of all stakeholders.
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