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Merdeka is dedicated to fostering sustainable development that uplifts the well-being of society especially communities surrounding our mining operations. We prioritize recognizing and honoring the cultures, beliefs, and values of these communities as a fundamental cornerstone in every aspect of our operations.

This principle is reflected in a spectrum of policies, standards, procedures, and programs implemented across all operational areas. Our communication processes with various stakeholders are conducted openly and transparently, in adherence to relevant regulations and laws. As part of this approach, Merdeka also administers an independent grievance mechanism in accordance with Speaking Up Policies and the Whistleblowing System.

Merdeka’s development for sustainable community well-being is founded on the Merdeka Sustainability Policy, encompassing a range of derivative policies and standards. These subsequent documents, following the Sustainability Policy, include the Communities Policy, Communities Standards, Social Baseline and Impact Assessment Standards, as well as Community Development and Empowerment Standards.

Merdeka’s community programs are encapsulated within the Community Development and Empowerment Master Plan (Rencana Induk Pemberdayaan dan Pengembangan Masyarakat/RI PPM)). This document covers eight pillars of CDE programs: education, healthcare, real income or employment, economic self-reliance, socio-cultural aspects, environment, community institution strengthening, and infrastructure.

 Health campaign for children on Wetar Island, Southwest Maluku (Photo: Hartono Widodo).

Support for enhancing educational quality through various capacity-building efforts, including assessments, training, and incentives for educators, along with improved educational access through scholarships, non-formal learning programs, and educational facilities like mobile libraries, reading gardens, school buses, and school-building renovations.

Improving community health through training and incentives for healthcare workers, providing medications, and healthcare facilities like social service vehicles, including support for healthy lifestyle campaigns.

Real Income or Employment
Raising community income by supporting farmer groups, livestock keepers, fishermen, and home industry workers. Focus is also placed on aid, support, and business development such as freshwater fish farming and goat husbandry, as well as related sector endeavors, including promotional support for tourism destinations and specialized recruitment for communities surrounding mining-operations.

Economic Self-Reliance
Economic empowerment of communities through business development and natural resource potential, involving integrated agricultural system development, as well as support for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes).

Financial and facilities support for the preservation and development of social, cultural, and religious activities, including rehabilitation of places of worship damaged by natural disasters.

Community Participation in Environmental Management
Environmental stewardship in collaboration with various stakeholders, encompassing equipment support and coastal tourism development, environmental clean-up, waste processing, and organic fertilizer production.

Community Institution Strengthening to Support Empowerment
Strengthening the institutional capacity of community organizations to accelerate self-reliance, conducted in partnership with both the government and the community.

Financial support and development of public infrastructure like roads, bridges, public facilities, water pipe networks, and storage especially for remote areas.

 Farmer groups supported by the Tujuh Bukit Gold Mine (Photo: M. Afan Arisandi/BSI).

In 2022, USD3.4 million was allocated to the Community Development and Empowerment Programs. For a comprehensive review of our performance in this section, please download the 2022 Sustainability Report.

Tabel 1. Dana PPM Grup Merdeka pada 2022.

Sustainability Report

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