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Merdeka understands the impact of mining on the environment. Merdeka’s environmental policy and approach aim to protect the environment also minimize and rehabilitate the environmental impact of mining operations. Our mission is to be at the forefront of sustainable development and environmental preservation.

Merdeka is committed to continuously implementing effective environmental management practices to understand environmental risks in preserving the environment and preventing pollution. We will continue to strive for excellence in our environmental performance and improve our social license to operate through continuous improvement of our environmental management system. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with applicable regulations, licenses and permits, and to meeting monitoring and reporting obligations but strive for beyond compliance

Merdeka operates in accordance to the Law on Environmental Management and Protection and its relevant derivative regulations. All Merdeka’s mining operations have an AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis) approved by the government. For mining operations located in forest areas, mining operations are required to obtain a Borrow-to-Use Forest Area Permit (IPPKH) from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. IPPKH holders are permitted to use forest areas for purposes other than the forestry sector without changing the function and designation of forest areas. Environmental management and monitoring efforts are continuously carried out based on the Environmental Management Plan (RKL) and Environmental Monitoring Plan (RPL) which are routinely reported by each of our operations.

In 2021, Merdeka’s Environmental Policy has been revised and updated to reflect global climate change and associated expectations.

Sustainability Report

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