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Code of Conduct

To support the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, a guideline is needed for the Merdeka Group and all Merdeka Personnel to behave ethically in all business activities. Therefore, the Company guidelines, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Code of Conduct’ which can influence and regulate behavior in accordance with the Company’s values so that it can support the achievement of the Company’s vision and mission.

In this Code of Conduct, the Company explain how to concerns for Merdeka Personnel, concerns for community and the environment, relationship with other parties, Merdeka Group asset protection, and how the implementation and reporting code of conduct violations.

The main principle of the Code of Conduct is compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Not only on laws and regulations at the central level but also compliance with applicable laws and regulations at the local level.

Prepared by taking into account and complying with the applicable legal framework and laws and regulations, The Company’s Code of Conduct also applies the principles and practices that are known both nationally and internationally.

By adopting, following and regularly updating this Code of Conduct, together with the corporate governance guidelines and the Company’s charters, the Company affirms its desire to lead and promote ethical behavior and good corporate governance.

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