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Invest in Merdeka

The shareholders collectively have rich experience in leading and growing businesses in Indonesia, ranging from dynamic tech platforms (Gojek) to entrenched corporates (i.e. Tower Bersama and Adaro). As a result, the shareholders have established strong relationship with key external stakeholders and gathered valuable experience to lead companies to growth within the country.

The shareholders have decades of experience in obtaining permits across Indonesia for their various operating companies including Adaro (portfolio of coal mines), Tower Bersama (tower development in all 34 provinces) and Provident Agro (with over 40,000 Ha of palm oil plantations), demonstrating their ability to resolve community issues and work with national and local governments to develop projects across multiple industries.

The team’s reputation in maintaining excellent corporate governance and reporting standards (voluntary adoption of ASX reporting requirements for Reserves and Resources, as well as quarterly reporting) have attracted quality investors globally in both debt and equity capital markets, achieving overall lower cost of funds and strong support.

The Indonesian Mining Law requires foreign shareholders to gradually divest portions of their shareholdings by making initial offers to the Central Government of the Republic of Indonesia, Regional or Municipal Governments. With the shareholders being 100% Indonesian-incorporated or by citizenship, it minimizes the risk of divestment requirements and volatility in share price.

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