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Fixed Plant Maintenance Manager (MTI – FPM)

PT Merdeka Tsingshan Indonesia
Morowali, Sulawesi Tenggara


  1. Establish the company’s equipment management, technical and energy systems, procedures, and workflows
  2. Responsible for equipment management to ensure the utilization and reliability of equipment and devices on site
  3. Responsible for the organization and arrangement of daily maintenance, spot inspection, emergency repair, and major shutdown, etc
  4. Responsible for the procurement and management of equipment and parts, equipment quota management, and ability to control procurement costs well
  5. Responsible for the management of equipment, process and technical rectifications, and other projects
  6. Organize the operation management of the energy system to ensure the production and operation requirements
  7. Carry out work according to the company’s management system and be responsible for the management and operation of the company’s production, technical improvement, and engineering equipment. responsible for the selection, deployment and performance review of personnel of maintenance Department



  1. Bachelor’s Degree and Above, majoring in electrical or mechanical
  2. Holder of Mechanical or electrical engineering accredited Intermediate or above.
  3. Proficient with office software
  4. Proficiency and ability to communicate in Indonesian Bahasa. English and Chinese Mandarin are desirable.
  5. Strong team building and management ability, familiar with mechanical and electrical equipment structure and working principle
  6. Working experience in foreign enterprises and familiar with the management mode of foreign enterprises
  7. More than five years of relevant experience in the same or equivalent position, with sound equipment management knowledge, proficiency in equipment and project management process, familiarity with various equipment and safety regulations, proficiency with the cost & budget
  8. Familiar with mine safety management system, with strong safety awareness of equipment and personnel
  9. Proved experience in maintaining critical equipment and systems in the following high-capacity processing Plants: ore Concentrator, roaster, and sulphuric acid, Chlorination roaster, comminution, heavy mobile machines, precious metal refinery, etc.

Please submit your application within 2 weeks with an updated CV, relevant certificates, current photo, and expected salary. Write position code (MTI – FPM) applied in the email subject line to: Only interested applicants who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply.

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