We're Commited to Fulfill Our Corporate Social Responsibility

About Sustainability

We regard sustainable development as something that is key to our business continuity and growth over the long term. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs aim to promote sustainable development by engaging the communities in four key areas: education, health care, public infrastructure and social empowerment. The Company is fully commited to fufill its corporate social responsibility by aligning it with the core values of the Company and in line with the interests of stakeholders.


The Company is keenly aware of the critical issues with respect to the environment in which a mining company operates. The Company takes all and any precaution needed to ensure the safety and preservation of the surrounding environment. The mines and mining equipment have been carefuilly planned and selected to fulfil the highest industry standards for health and safety. Furthermore, those equipment are maintained according to manufacturer’s instruction. We believe that our good mining practices will negate any adverse effects from our mining opeartions.  


The Banyuwangi Regency, where the Company’s mine sites are located, espouses education that integrates moral norms with knowledge, creativity, innovation and civility. Through our CSR programs, we strive to help the Banyuwangi Regency to achieve its lofty goals in education. This is carried out among other things by undertaking scholarship programs and setting up public reading facilities. 

Health Care

Support for public health care is provided by enhancing the capacities of health care workers in the posyandu (public health clinics), who are in the forefront of community health care service.  The Company also provides information to increase public awareness on health care issues, and the importance of health in  a productive and piosperous community

Economic Empowerment

Community welfare and prosperity can only be achieved through economic means. One of the Company’s key CSR initiatives is to empower local economies to be both self-sustaining and sustainable over the long term. We provide support for local cooperatives and small-scale businesses that are based on home-grown  resources. Our empowerment program does not merely provide seed capital, but extend into intensive mentoring and partnering to enhance the quality of human resource as well as business competitiveness.

Public Infrastructure

The public infrastructure program actively engages the community through the Community Communication Forum, in which discussions are held between the Company, the regency government and representatives of villages throughout the Pesanggaran District. The Company commits to help support funding for the construction of infrastructures in five villages in the Pesanggaran District, while also participating in the planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of the construction.